Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 1 Thing 2

I have taken responsibility for my self by going back and viewing the things i missed in doing 23 things. I am now blogging about life long learning. Accepting responsibility for my learning is something that i feel is important as is accepting responsibility for all things that you do in life. I think that going back now and addressing these things is good. I had many challenges in doing these exercises and now with a little more time and hindsight i hope to address some of these challenges. Having confidence in yourself as a competent and effective learner is necessary or we would never attempt new things. So I hope to go back and be more effective in using the tools, books and technology in a thoughtful way. I will also speak with others about the program. So here goes.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have mixed feelings about this project. I learned about many things i never knew about and learned how to use some of them. This was good. I enjoyed flickr. It was fun learning what I could do with pictures. I also found YouTube and podcasting interesting. I hope to use some of the bloglines i signed up for,especially the book reviews.
I do not like signing up for the various things. I don't like having all these passwords to remember and i do not like my name out their for all to see. I would suggest that there be some way of doing these things without having to register for all of them.
I think just knowing about some of these things will be helpful for my work with customers. I will be able to help them in using some of these tools.

Week 9 Thing 22

I read all about overdrive. I did not sign up as i was using a staff computer and did not want to use that machine to download to that machine. It is a great service and i know that someday i will be using it. I also read about the Gutenberg Project.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I found Yahoo to be the most useful of the sites listed for podcasts. On Podcast.net I wasn't able to find what i was looking for. I was trying to get book reviews and found "Between the Lines" on Yahoo. It had a nice selection of book reviews. I did not have time to listen to any but hope to try soon. I finally figured out how to post a podcast on my blogline and was able to do it by myself. Way to go girl.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Week 9 Thing 20

I used YouTube. I enjoyed it. I wish i had more time to spend looking at videos but I really don't. I watched the democratic debate on cnn where they used utube to ask questions. I don't think this is the greatest way to question the candidates but what is? I think YouTube can be useful for homework assignments. It might be an entry on a bibliography or it is a great resource for teachers who would be able to show some interesting subject or make a point to a class

Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 8 Thing 19

I tried several of these sites listed on the short list. Judy's Book was not what I expected. It was listed under city guides and reviews and what I found was discount coupons. I much preferred Yelp which was fun and took me where I wanted to go. I found that Yelp did what i expected it to do. I also tried Craig's List which was very easy to use.
I noticed that there were several sites that we had experience with such as Flickr, Rollyo and Library Thing.
I'm not sure what use Craig's List would be for the Library but it is good to know how to use these popular sites.

Week 8 Thing 18

I used Google Docs and Spreadsheets. It was easy to use. I just had a class in Microsoft Word last week so I am wondering if I really needed it. With all Google is doing on the web, and now they are trying to get phone connections I am wondering if they are trying to take over the world.
The Google Docs was easy to use as was the part of the spreadsheet that I did.