Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have mixed feelings about this project. I learned about many things i never knew about and learned how to use some of them. This was good. I enjoyed flickr. It was fun learning what I could do with pictures. I also found YouTube and podcasting interesting. I hope to use some of the bloglines i signed up for,especially the book reviews.
I do not like signing up for the various things. I don't like having all these passwords to remember and i do not like my name out their for all to see. I would suggest that there be some way of doing these things without having to register for all of them.
I think just knowing about some of these things will be helpful for my work with customers. I will be able to help them in using some of these tools.

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Pterodaktulos said...

I have to say, Bloglines was possibly the most memorable experience of the trip. I know I'll be using it also.